Unlock Six Figure Secrets to Supercharge Your Next Launch

Your no-fluff, action-oriented video training to turning strangers into paying customers...just like the pros do it
I'll give you the behind-the-scenes view of a 6-figure launch and show you what to do to get results for your own digital product launch.


I'm pulling back the curtain on a real-life digital customer journey


The training will show you:

  • 3 crucial steps you must take before you can boost your conversion rates
  • Top tips for promoting your digital offer across multiple channels
  • Exactly what to add to your sales pages to get your top leads smashing the buttons with a "heck yes!" to learn more about how to work you

I'm SO pumped to have the step-by-step system in place locked and loaded so I know exactly what is happening for ideal clients from the moment they learn about me + my services all the way through the purchase, the up-sell, and just the whole experience for them.

-Laura Kebart
Language Arts Teachers

Before working with Desola I just was plain scared to stand in my experience. I felt that I wasn't qualified to speak in the gap in my industry. But after working with Desola, I realized I am the authority.

-Nicole Batey
Fempreneur Online

I’m attracting people who are 100% perfect fits for my first offer, and who I know will be great prospects for the future offers I create! I updated my sales process and it’s converting like crazy!

-Elli Runkels
Sales + Launch Copy Expert

Learn how to build an engaged audience that's ready to invest in your offer during your next live launch

Let me help you launch with authority!

I'm Desola Davis, and I help educators, mentors, membership founders, and coaches move from Anonymous to Authority™, 3x their conversion rates, and build a profitable customer journey that maximizes their customer lifetime value.

With over 10 years of corporate experience running multi-million dollar projects and designing customer journeys with clients in industries including boutique owners, online businesses, and healthcare providers, I have helped entrepreneurs nail their product message, convert qualified leads, and stand out as experts in their craft.

Many online experts struggle to see consistent results from the tactics they implement to grow their business. Even though their offers are proven, they are not recognized as authorities in their industry.

But with a profitable customer journey, a strong referral pipeline, and an engaged raving fan base, you can maximize your sales revenue and fill your programs with your best, most profitable clients.

My mission is to help anonymous geniuses get recognized for their brilliance, and I can’t wait to help you do the same.

Desola Davis - Customer Journey Designer

"Before working with Desola, we felt like our messaging was boring, typical, and too broad. Now we're excited and clear about how to articulate who our offer is for and how our product message would inspire them to want to work with us.

- Sherri Starr and Jessie Cox (StarrCox Community)


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